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MAMO Sintered Stone®

Size – Option 1: 3200x1600x12mm

Finish: Honed

Pattern: Slab A / Slab B

Code: 3224H/A (B or C)

Size – Option 2: 3200x1600x6mm


Pattern: Slab A / Slab B /Slab C

Code: 3524P/A (B or C)

Size – Option 3: 2700x1200x6mm

Finish: Honed

Pattern: Slab A / Slab B / Slab C/ Slab D

Code: 2724H/A (B or C or D)

Sintered stone (a.k.a. porcelain slabs) is a sustainable, high-performance and aesthetically pleasing material that combines the benefits of natural stone with the advantages of modern technology; making it an attractive and practical, low-silica option for kitchen & bathroom countertops, feature walls, internal and external flooring and building facades.

MAMO Sintered Stone® is dense, non-porous, and highly resistant to heat, scratches, stains, and UV rays making it an attractive and practical option for a variety of architectural and design projects.

We recommend 12mm slabs for countertops & benchtops, with a mitre edge join to achieve desired edge appearance thickness. 6mm is recommended for feature walls.