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MAMO Sintered Stone®

Size – Option 1: 3200x1600x12mm

Code: 3216H

Finish: Pure+ Honed


Finish: Pure+Polished

Face: Slab A

Code: 3216S

Finish: Slate

Face: Slab A

Size – Option 2: 3200x1600x6mm

Finish: Soft Touch

Code: 3516H

Face: Slab A

Size – Option 3: 3200x1600x20mm

Finish: Pure+ Honed ( Full body)

Code: 3616H

SOFT TOUCH – UltraFusion™

Embark on a journey with UltraFusion™ slabs, where cutting-edge technology meets artistic finesse. Precision-engineered with advanced multi-charge full-body technology and exclusive surface-penetrating techniques, these slabs redefine perfection. The surface touch mimics the natural feel of stone, offering an unparalleled tactile experience. Boasting high surface hardness and robust scratching resistance, UltraFusion™ ensures enduring beauty. Its full body colour and composition create a harmonious, seamless appearance, eliminating irregularities. Only available in the Monotone colour range.