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MAMO E.n.+ Quartz


Engineered stone, commonly referred to as reconstituted stone quartz engineered stone, is a man-made substance. To create a strong and beautiful surface, crushed natural quartz is mixed with resin, polymers, and occasionally other materials like glass or metallic flecks. Engineered stone slabs are perfect for benchtops or splashback for the kitchen and bathroom since it is non-porous, scratch-resistant, highly durable and simple to maintain. Other uses for engineered stone slabs include flooring, wall cladding, and fireplace surrounds. 

MAMO Living’s engineered stone slabs are available in various colours, hues and patterns. Our slabs can be tailored to fit a particular area, such as for sinks, cooktops, and other fixtures, and the edges can be finished with a variety of profiles to produce a distinctive appearance. MAMO Living supplies high-quality and premium engineered stone slabs across New South Wales and Queensland, Australia.

  • Sansa Vera
  • Pure White
  • Calacatta Borghini
  • Calacatta Vogue
  • Imperial White
  • Vento Bianco
  • Bianco Carrara
  • Calacatta White
  • Swiss White
  • Cielo White
  • Calacatta Oro
  • Calacatta Magnifica
  • Vena Gris
  • Spumante
  • Aster
  • Remolina
  • Bianca Luna
  • Corralina White