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MAMO E.n.+ Quartz

MAMO E.n.+ Quartz is the latest addition to our exquisite stone range. This engineered stone masterfully replicates marble, offering the beauty and character of natural stone in a more sustainable product.

At MAMO, we see ourselves as Custodians of Natural Stone. It is our innate responsibility to ensure this increasingly rare and precious resource is protected and preserved. Yet, we recognise that there is a certain degree of environmental waste when working with conventional natural stone slabs.

Seeking to reduce our waste and pare back our environmental impact, we were driven to create a more conscious range of stone. One that would align with our sustainability efforts, while still offering a product that architects, designers and homeowners would love.

The MAMO E.n.+ Quartz range features four collections of perfectly replicated natural stone surfaces: Elements, Deluxe, Marble and Marble Luxe. In each collection, there are four striking tones to choose from: Whites, Greys, Blacks and Marbles. From the brilliant white of Calacatta Magnifica to the bold contrast of Zibellino, there is a stone to suit every space and style.

MAMO E.n.+ Quartz stone slabs are much larger than natural stone slabs. One slab can be cut into various pieces for the same project, boasting sufficient size for both a splashback and a benchtop. Ultimately, this creates less wastage and ensures a more sustainable production process.

We invite you to discover our MAMO E.n.+ Quartz range — an ideal stone solution for the environmentally conscious home or designer.