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Everyday maintenance

Regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth and mild pH neutral household detergent is all that is needed to maintain your MAMO E.n.+ Quartz surfaces.

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning products or scouring pads on MAMO E.n.+ Quartz surfaces as this may damage the finish.
  • Avoid exposure to cleaning products with high pH levels, bleach, paint strippers or removers, and nail polish remover. If your MAMO E.n.+ Quartz surface does come into contact with such products, rinse immediately to neutralise and follow up with your usual cleaning procedure.
  • Avoid exposure to high impact or excessive weight, especially near edges.

Stain resistance

Due to its low moisture absorption and porosity, MAMO E.n.+ Quartz is resistant to stains from wine, juices, coffee, tea, food colouring or strongly-coloured spices. If spills occur, wipe the surface immediately with a soft, clean cloth.

Stubborn stains

If a spill or stain goes unnoticed and dries, it may become more difficult to clean. Remove any solids first, then use a clean, damp cloth and a mild household detergent to remove the stain. Avoid forceful scrubbing as this may damage the finish. If the stain is still present, apply a suitable pH neutral formula cleaner to a soft, damp cloth and gently work at the stain in a circular motion.

Scratch resistance

MAMO E.n.+ Quartz is engineered to be highly durable and scratch resistant. However, the surface can be damaged by sharp or metal objects. It is recommended that you always use a cutting board to avoid damaging the surface.

Heat resistance

MAMO E.n.+ Quartz has a high heat resistance. However, any sudden or excessive localised heat can cause thermal shock, discolouration or damage. It is recommended that you avoid placing hot items directly onto your MAMO E.n.+ Quartz surface.